Well hello again everyone! What a wonderful surprise to be able to get in touch with you to confirm the most welcome news that The Searchers have decided to return for one more tour, from mid April to mid June 2023 (NEXT YEAR),

It is being called the “Thank You” tour, to thank all the fans for supporting them so brilliantly for so many years, and we of course will be thanking them for the pleasure they have given us for so long.

Full details and the all-important Dates List are now on the newly resurrected website Some of the dates may have just been put on sale, but others may not be for a while. It is up to the individual theatres to decide when to do so.

Like most of you, I have really missed seeing the guys on stage since they temporarily stopped touring almost three years ago. I am wondering what it will be like and will we see much change, especially as they will be using a different drummer for this run of dates. They will be performing four shows a week followed by three days to recover, but even this must surely be a momentous task at their time of life!

We all will be able to meet other fans to reminisce about the shows over the years and the camaraderie that resulted from meeting so many people from all over the country and beyond, who we would never have encountered otherwise, and who we never thought we would be able to meet again.

You might wonder what the boys have been up to over the past nearly three years, although the wretched Covid epidemic has considerably clipped their wings, as it has for all of us. I do hope you and your families have been lucky and are keeping well. John has been busy with decorating and gardening at his home near Liverpool, of which he could not do much for many years. Likewise Frank has been enjoying life in his penthouse apartment which he moved into a few months before they “retired” and getting back to his social life in London, and Spencer has been busy touring with his own concerts, either solo or with a backing band.

Well, that’s all for now, I will be in touch again occasionally, and look forward to seeing some of you at shows down my way in the south east. Let’s hope we (and The Searchers) can hold off getting old until next year’s tour is over!

Wendy Burton