A brand new book by Frank Allen

(published April 2009)

 This is the book the legions of Searchers fans have been requesting and awaiting for many years - a substantial and detailed biography of the Searchers from the very beginning in the late 1950s - written by bass player and front man, Frank Allen.

Running alongside the first few chapters is Frank's early life story and his time with Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers before he left to join the Searchers in the summer of 1964.

 He has spent the last three years collating all his diaries and memory banks which, together with detailed research in the public archives, has produced this magnificent and definitive biography.

The 440 pages are packed with epic stories of the highs and lows of a career approaching fifty years, and although it is a more serious work than his previous book, Travelling Man, it is laced with the same inimitable humour.

 Little nuggets of information that could only have been experienced by someone who was there makes this work an unparalleled story of the musical and social history of the 50s, 60s and beyond, much of which applies to the careers of many artists of the era, and brings us right up to the present date.

It includes over 160 photographs, many from Frank's personal collection and those of other artistes which have never been published before, a full and definitive discography, and forewords by Pete Townshend and Bruce Welch.

 "The Searchers and Me" is a testament to the enduring popularity of the Searchers and of Frank Allen himself, both on and off the stage, and to the literary talents that could have given him a career as a writer if he had not been a musician.

It is ONLY available direct from the publishers, Aureus, and there are several ways of purchasing it - by telephone or email with a credit card, by PayPal, or for UK orders by downloading an application form and sending it with a cheque in the post.

For further details and to place an order, go to www.thesearchersandme.com

And once you have it, do bring it along to your next Searchers show, as Frank will always be pleased to sign your copy for you.

Here are snippets from some of the complimentary emails sent in via the Searchers website:

I've had the book about a week now and can't put it down, it's a brilliant read. (Dave Watkins)

Just read The Searchers and Me, thought it was great, it made me smile, laugh and feel sad. I never realised Frank was so clever! (Rick Winter, ex Rebel Rousers)

I laughed out loud at the comment that if he had wanted to hear the patter of little feet, he would have put shoes on the cat. I can see why it took him so long to draw everything together. Excellent. (Carolyn Attwood)

Please thank Frank for the honour of having included the photo of my ticket stub to their 1966 Sydney concert in his book. Once I have finished reading it, the book will have a permanent place on my coffee table. (Mike Brady, Sydney, Australia)

Frank should be very proud of this book, most showbizers use ghost-writers when they tell their story. Frank's gift for storytelling is impressive indeed. The illustrations are really worth mentioning too. (Einer from Norway)

I'm thoroughly enjoying "The Searchers and Me" and it's the best read I've had for many years. Congratulations after all your hard work, Frank. You've produced a gem. A "must" for all Searchers fans.  (George Thomson)

Frank's book is so entertaining and a joy to read. He is such a human guy - his kind character comes over in the book. (Anne Kay)

I'm very much enjoying it, particularly the part about the split with Mike Pender. He's dealt with it head on but remained reasonable, which is the best way. (Gary Jackson)

I've just finished Frank's book. A brilliant read as I thought it would be. Another satisfied customer. And top marks to the publishers for their quick and speedy delivery. (John Robinson)